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LOVE her office and all of the little details that she has to make it feel like home. Her knowledge is exceptional and I have no doubt her treatment plan will be exactly what is needed. Everything was clean and she goes to GREAT lengths to make sure her office is COVID clean. She explained it to me, and it’s truly amazing and I’ve seen NOTHING like in any other dental office.

Cleaning and even Cavity work has been very smooth with it being Pain free. Clean environment and the most hospitable dentist I have ever had. Was nervous but she made sure I was comfortable !!

I'll start off saying that I absolutely loath going to the dentist office. It had been almost 10 years since I went but I'm so glad I did. Her assistant is extremely nice and has their system down for following the covid safety protocols. Dr. Ortega is the most professional and efficient dentist I have ever been to. I went in, she laid out what I needed to have done and we made all the appointments. When I got 2 fillings done I was anxious and panicking. Everything was done before I was aware that we had started. She is the best at what she does, she makes it as comfortable and painless as possible and I just really like the overall experience. Don't look any further. Just choose her. Worked well with my insurance. As much as I hate the dentist, this is where I will go from now on. Thanks Dr !!!

Dr. Ortega made me feel relaxed and comfortable my very first visit. I've had several dentists in my lifetime and she is by far the best. Very caring. She even provided me with her home number in case I needed to get in touch with her after I had an extraction on a Friday afternoon. She's excellent.

Dr. Ortega is fantastic. Best extraction ever! She pulled two wisdom teeth I'd never had out that had gotten cavities. I've had four other teeth pulled. Two by another dentist and two by an oral surgeon, so I was expecting a similar experience. But I was astounded by how well and quickly and nearly painlessly the extractions went. I thought she was just getting started and we were done. The pain was so minimal that I spent two days wondering if the numbing agent had worn off completely. There was no bruising and hardly any puffiness. What I appreciate most, though, is that I have complex health problems that needed some accommodations and Dr. Ortega was totally amazing about that. Not many healthcare practitioners are willing to change up how they do things for my poorly understood condition, so I am extremely grateful. I also go for cleanings and check-ups and she's the best dentist I've ever had. Both at knowing complicated and cutting-edge dental stuff and figuring out how to meet her patients' needs. Also, the office staff is delightful.

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