The Covid-19 threat is serious

High Sierra Dental Care's primary concern is everyone's health and safety

We are dedicated to remaining fully compliant with all CDC, state licensing board, ADA and CDA recommendations and regulations.

What our office is doing to protect our patients, staff and our community.

1. Our building is disinfected daily. Every morning and evening we spray a CDC approved medical disinfectant starting at the entrance path to the front door of the building. All surfaces are cleaned and disinfected daily from the door knobs to countertops, furniture and dental operatories.

2. Our office has always limited the number of individuals in the facility at a given time. We treat one patient at a time and do not over schedule. What this means is the patient receiving treatment is the only one in the office in addition, to the limited staff necessary to provide the service. This situation limits the patient’s exposure to others and accommodates social distancing and isolation.

3. We are screening everyone via phone for flu like symptoms, travel history, cruise ship trips, and whether they have come in contact with someone ill or who may have tested positive for the Corona virus. These individuals are appropriately referred to a physician or provided a dental consultation via Teledentistry (video conferencing). Our goal is to help everyone in a safe manner.

4. Our patients are provided hand sanitizer to use and asked to wear a mask along with their temperature being taken before they enter the dental office.

5. We follow all the requirements and recommendations of government agencies such as CDC, dental boards, ADA, CDA and OSHA to adhere to our professions infection control regulations to control the spread of the Corona virus and other infectious conditions.

6. Special disinfectants are used for surfaces that are CDC approved and EPA approved. Dental instruments are sterilized within high temperature sterilization equipment, individual indicators make certain every instrument is appropriately sterilized. The sterilization equipment is further tested and evaluated by an outside agency for accuracy.

7. Our staff uses appropriate protective items (PPE) such as face masks, face shields, eye protection and gloves in addition to constantly washing their hands with soap and water and using hand sanitizer. Gowns and caps are also worn for everyone's protection.

8. The interior of the office and each operatory is further cleaned with the assistance of special air handling and environmental disinfecting equipment. HEPPA air purifiers during working hours and UVC light sources at night.

We welcome any and all questions you may have and hope you will feel safe under our care and in our office.

Be safe.
Dr. Mireya Ortega and staff

Please call 530-541-7040 if you have any questions.

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