Anxiety Dentistry in South Lake Tahoe

Being afraid of ‘the dentist’ or dental treatment is very common. The majority of people don’t like to talk about it.

Our office encourages talking about your fears so we can help by customizing how we approach your treatment. We truly want to make your visit pleasant.

You may have been avoiding going to the dentist because you’re terrified of what a dentist might say or find.

Or maybe you have a fear of pain, the needles or injections, or the sound of the drill. Some people, fear choking, gagging or the numb feeling. Still many more feel trapped or vulnerable during a dental visit. There are so many combinations of experiences and fears that create an overwhelming situation that prevents you from taking the first step and making a dental appointment.

Dr. Ortega and her staff understand how you feel. If you are anxious and fearful of the dentist but want to improve your smile and the health of your teeth.

Please start by making a complimentary Dental Phobia appointment.

At this appointment we will listen to your feelings.

If you are feeling scared, embarrassed, guilty, ashamed, afraid of needles, sounds , smells of the dental office, think it will be painful, or you are afraid of gagging, chocking, having unnecessary treatment, or not getting numb then this is the first dental appointment you should make.

There are several methods from psychological, technological, techniques and sedation that can help you. We just need to find what works best for you.

We would like to help you get the dental care you deserve.